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Terms and Conditions

Deposits for Booking Policy

Our word is our bond. When we commit to your event, you will have no worries on your most important day.

We don't like worries either. That's why we require a 50% deposit within 15 calendar days of booking your event with us.

We will send transfer instructions upon booking. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send a confirmation and receipt to you via e-mail. This is your contract with us.

Refund Policy


But don't worry, your deposit is fully-refundable. If you notify us 60 calendar days prior to your event and cancel with us, we will refund 100% of your deposit. No questions, no hassles. That's our promise to you.

Limitations on Refund Policy

Unfortunately, cancellations inside of the 60 day period are not refundable. 

Date of Event Change Policy

We understand that sometimes the date of an event can change. If you must change the date of your booking, you must notify us as soon as possible. We will make every effort to accommodate the change. No extra fees.

Limitations on Date of Event Change Policy

If we have a conflicting event with the new date that you request, we will not be able to change the date.

In those instances, will will process your refund in accordance with our Refund Policy and Limitations of Refund Policy as stated above.

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