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Kalos: Our Name

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Hi Everybody,

Because I’m an Indonesian Lady, I am often asked how I came to name my business Kalos Glamour.

So, I asked my fiancé if he had any thoughts. He said, “Well, isn’t it your hope to help women realize that they are already beautiful?”

And I thought, “Yes, of course!” Women always have been beautiful, elegant and desirable through all of history. I wanted a name that symbolized the beauty of all women across time.

I researched “beauty.” But not only the physical aspect of the word, but everything that it could possible mean. I was amazed at some of the meanings of beauty-I had no conscious idea of it before, rather a sense of it, a knowing and a feeling, but like all of us who speak a language, we struggle when asked to define the word. But I knew in my heart what I wanted it to mean.

I wanted the perfect word that matched the feeling in my heart.

The Physical: beautiful to look at, shapely and magnificent.

The Mental: excellent in its nature and characteristics, pure, both of heart and mind.

The Moral: praiseworthy, noble, honorable and morally good.

The Ethereal: precious and delicate.


Kalos is the Greek word for beautiful although its true origin is not clear. It is mentioned 102 times in the King James Bible. And its meaning encompasses The Physical, The Mental, The Moral and The Ethereal. The qualities that every woman has, but some have forgotten. The qualities that every woman always has had, regaled throughout history. The qualities that every woman to come will have, waiting to be discovered.

Our name matches perfectly my vision for every woman’s life that I touch and hope to touch.

I hope these words touch you.



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